Quality of Life as Result Through Fourte Therapeutic Treatment Approach

YuPorosnusantara.co.id – Updating of self-care to gain more persona and balancing of health and performance is the up-most demand nowadays. Where not only gain for values yet desirable result are financially considered.

Master of Medical Surgical Nursing, Okky Rachmad Ngakili, S.Kep., Ns., M. Kep dan Tedjo Boogie, BSc. Founder of Fourte Therapeutic Treatment believe that both woman and men since the early time are aiming for desirable state of health and beauty, within yet showing also in physical result, a balanced stamina is also mandatories.

Melakukan treatment kecantikan di rumah klien

‘Quality of life approach with bio psycho socio spiritual and culture to increase the level of knowledge and therapeutic treatments solutions within the society by releasing the mental-block, positive affirmative family love approach support inclusiveness and a mixture of mindfullness affirmation and socio balance’ Okky’s affirmation earlier. ‘Our clients with a various condition of health issues such as obisities, clinical skin and face problems also the spesific yet sensitive matters such as cancer and auto immune also a health balancing stamina programs’

Founder Of Fourte Therapeutic Treatment Okky Rachmad Ngakili, S. Kep., Ns., M Kep dan Tedjo Boogie, BSc

‘Our research and approach are subjected to give and maintain also increase the understanding of good lifestyle with setting plan of healthy mindful program that all family join and do, balancing the metabolism of each individuals as target by reset the food source and nutrition with a suitable beneficial food diets and intake of supplements need both by oral and IVS and also balancing with energy and metaphysics’ Boogie, experience as consultant for international threshold, adds to the information.

Miss Nelly (58 tahun) from New Zealand treatment Fourte Therapeutic Treatment

Quality of life increase and maintaining program that record and shown within the client expectation:
1. Biologies Need, fullfilment of electrolite and body liquid by maintaining intake and output of body liquid. Fullfilment of high nutrition need thats create and support the energy needed to rejuvenate or regeneration of body cells
2. Psychologies, releasing mental block with positive affirmation and family supporting inclusiveness.
3. Socio, creates an understanding platform of family Love and frienda and surrounding.
4. Spiritual, both relegion and spiritual need inclusiveness with what each client desires, the level of relationship with God / Mighty, Human and Self.
5. Culture, indentification of the positive culture of life that favors within and implementing program in daily life and activities.
6. Quality of Life Scalles by Rulland & Moore models in Nursing Peaceful End of Life Care and agreement created with family program plan discussed and implemented.

Kharlin (32 tahun)
Melakukan treatment therapeutic wajah dan riset body

As shown within a number of selective client with different case that aim the same targets of Quality of Life increase and fullfilment within their daily or current condition. The first program of 3 months (3×28 days) are reseting the current behavioral life style and system belief created for the past, including:
1. amanesys of medical history and current condition, family genogram, 12 terms of need by gordon.
2. Nursing diagnosis, problems, etiology, sign and symtomps.
3. Program Intervention of observation, independent, education and collaboration.
4. Implementation, setting the result criteria in spesific, measurable, assurable, realible and timming.
5. Evaluation: Subjective data, objetive data, assurable and next planning. a weekly session reviews and reset and rejuvenating appliies.
6. Documentation


Melvi (28 tahun) melakukan Therapeutic Treatment khusus kulit wajah

Where the 2nd of 2 month program will focussed on implementation in daily and life style with documentation and reviews.
Therapeutic treatment are consider a newage and unique promotive and preventive health program, especially with a spiritual and energy inclusivenss. Many of clients (a.k.a patient, terms of positive affirmation use to eliminate the trauma of patient word related to condition) are surely need and understand also personally in demand for the treatment as one of the solution for their need, but mostly the obstacle comes from their family or closed one where different understanding and level of knowledge are becoming a sensitive yet uncondusive situation.

As okky and boogie experiencing that a Successful and desirable rate result shown the importance of enrollment and engagement of family and love ones within the same situation and understanding of current wellness condition, where aligning the approach program are the main challenges.

They belief within, where their knowledge, experience and values of life i get from my education, research and spiritual journey take me where we are now, where new paradigm of quality of life increase are created.


Testimoni Pelanggan Fourte Therapeutic Treatment

Muhammad Laba (Alor, NTT)

“Saya ibaratkan treatment ini sebagai air sungai. Air sungai muncul di hulunya jernih atau dijernihkan maka masuk ke kampung akan jernih. meskipun keruh pun akan segera jernih kembali, hingga mengalir ke laut dengan jernihnya.

begitu juga sehat jasmani dan rohani, sehat fisik fan non fisik yang saya dapatkan. sangat reccomended. satu treatment mengatasi berbagai persoalan dalam tubuh, ketimbang merawat satu demi satu persoalan itu.


Yenni McKen (41 tahun)

“Yenni McKen (Usia 41 tahun) melakukan therapeutic treatment selama kurang lebih 3 bulan. Merasakan perubahan dari dalam dan melihat perubahan di kulit dalam jangka waktu yang singkat. Stamina lebih bugar dan tidak cepat letih. Kulit pun lebih kenyal dan kencang kembali”


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