Kadis NTT Tourism Message Preserving Spirit of Pancasila from NTT Earth For...

Kadis NTT Tourism Message Preserving Spirit of Pancasila from NTT Earth For Indonesia


KUPANG, POROS NUSANTARA – Head of Tourism Office of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Dr .marius Ardu Jelamu asserted, the government and citizens of NTT province is very proud because of the earth NTT was born sari-sari Pancasila which then made the basis of the state. NTT earth gave birth to the basic spirit of the Pancasila state in mobilizing the spirit of diversity, tolerance, nationalism against the elements that will replace the ideology of Pancasila. for that, the determination of the month of June as the month of Soekarno by the NTT Government would give the message of all citizens in NTT in particular to preserve the spirit of Pancasila from the earth of NTT for Indonesia and the world.

Marius Ardu Jelamu when found in his office on Friday (25/5/2018) explained that for the second year the NTT Government together with Ende Regency Government held various activities in June by the Governor of NTT, Drs. Frans Lebu Raya declared June as the month of Soekarno. this is certainly to raise the spirit of the younger generation to commemorate the services of Bung Karno who after going through the difficult period of exile from Dutch colonial Batavia to Digul then to, Bengkulu then to Ende. Bung Karno’s struggle for Indonesia is remarkable, so through NTT Tourism Office responds by conducting various activities.

According to Marius, various activities undertaken to support the Moon Soekarno this essentially reflects back Soekarno travel notes from 1934 to 1938 in his exile up to Ende until the idea of ​​digging Pancasila sari. in the midst of the condition of the nation that some people want to replace the ideology of Pancasila with the action of radicalism, the generation of NTT must continue to evoke nationalism, nationalism, diversity, tolerance to fight unscrupulous people who want to destroy religion and tolerance. history records, said Marius, the fathers of the nation had already laid the foundations of the spirit of nationalism, the spirit of nationalism, diversity when forming this country.

“And it’s in Bung Karno’s self as a proclaimersoekarno is dumped everywhere from Digul, Bengkulu to Ende continue to struggle to unite the diversity of the Indonesian nation from Sabang to Merauke called Indonesia. Imagine hundreds of kingdoms broken by the Dutch with their Devide et Imperta and we are separate. can imagine if there is nothing to unify then we have no country. Soekarno as a fighter and national figure united all the differences. and the basic idea of ​​the Moon Soekarno is willing to give a public message to the citizens of Indonesia in particular and the world generally that the so-called peletak spirit of tolerance, NKRI, diversity exists in our patriarch Soekarno. we give the message that we have always been opposed to intolerance, colonization that seeks to replace Pancasila, “he said.

According to Marius, in filling the Moon Soekarno, there are several activities that are held. on the agenda is actually a series of activities usually held from June 1-21, initiated by the Government of NTT. This year is somewhat different because the June 11-20th holiday so that the effective activity of June 1 to 9 but did not reduce the spirit of Moon Soekarno. we raise the spirit of nationalism, tolerance, diversity of Ende (NTT) for Indonesia and the world. Before the activities initiated by the Province, Ende regency also has a degree of preliminary activity.

“Activities from May 23-24 there are cultural performances involving ethnic cultures in NTTthere is also a casual bike activity on May 25 national festival activities. On May 26th, a fun bike was held in Ende City supported by various regional dances. there are also haiking and photography activities including visiting Bung Karno site and 29-31 May held cultural performances archipelago and Ende culture expo supported by Province in Ende Field, there are also cultural performances involving Ende school. May 31, there is a parade of trips from Bung Karno from Batavia to Ende. There is also a sea parade from Ende Island to Ende City. In the evening held a national apple in a breadfruit tree led by the Governor of NTT. his plan at the June 1 ceremony will be led by the Minister of Home Affairs but this is still tentative, we are still coordinating. Disampng cultural festivals, we also held a speech competition of SMP-SMA students as well as the declaration of the month of Soekarno. on June 6th national seminar was held and on 7th of June held an intercultural choir competition NTT also traiking on Table Mountain, “he explained.

At the end of his explanation, Marius conveyed the main message of the whole activity about how NTT as a province that is famous for its high spirit of tolerance. For that, he invites all citizens to continue to live the spirit of diversity, tolerance, nationalism. the spirit of Pancasila excavated from Earth NTT by Bung Karno must be preserved so that this nation remain safe and remain strong not disturbed by unscrupulous people who want to destroy the diversity that has been placed by the father of the nation.

(ADVETORIAL/Erni Amperawati)